Originally from the frigid peaks of northern Colorado, KALCYFR was raised playing instruments like piano, guitar, and percussion before and was once a part of a legitimate cult. However, his time was put to an abrupt end after being convicted and excommunicated for heresy. This sudden exile became a defining moment in the young harbinger’s life. Branding himself with his own Scarlet Letter, Duraccio decided to wear "heretic" as a badge of honor for following a path paved by his own tread. Shortly after, he began to translate this brave mission of non-conformity into musical notes. He then found his way to the sun-soaked city of Los Angeles to graduate from Icon Collective, one of the most prominent electronic music production schools on the west coast. There, he branded his anarchism as KALCYFR deriving from Latin word for heat and the name Lucifer, known as the very first recorded heretic.

With powerhouse tracks paired with both fury and edge, this powerful freethinker leads a movement between music boundaries where metal and hard-hitting electronica live in a harmonious yet hellish balance. To those who seek to label, confine, and define, KALCYFR and his outsiders send a targeted message of: