Mechanical Vein x Biomechanimal
'Breakdown' (ft. Lecture)

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When Mechanical Vein and Biomechanimal wrote 'Waves' in 2020, they had intended to write a track that fully represented their work and vision. In the last 3 years, both artists have grown and evolved, so they sat down again, with the plan to create something heavier, harder, and much more drum & bass driven. 'Breakdown' is the result. Featuring filthy bass, heavy guitars, sweet breaks, scathing sociopolitical commentary, and a vocal feature from Lecture, both Biomechanimal & Mechanical Vein are extremely pleased with what they've created.

Songwriters: Keith Kamholz, Matthew L. Simpson, Hannibal Hayes

Production: Keith Kamholz, Matthew L. Simpson

Mixing/Mastering/Artwork by Keith Kamholz
3d scans by FBFX, additional 3d model cleanup by Marina Smith.

RELEASE DATE: December 9th, 2022

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