Biomechanimal x Mechanical Vein - 'Waves'

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After 5 years, Biomechanimal start their 2020 release schedule working alongside fellow bass-head, co-producer and bandmate Mechanical Vein with a fierce collaboration track. Drawing on influences from modern EDM, London industrial, and seagulls, "Waves" sets the scene for both artists' return to the digital stage with a brutal crescendo. With lyrical themes exploring music as a self-destructive art form, Biomechanimal and Mechanical Vein bring their artistic A-game.

With remixing credits from DNB monster Sinister Souls and industrial heavyweight Grendel, and mastered by Lukas Turza of Snap Mastering (Noisia, Bassnectar), this single is a well-engineered uppercut from the first release out of HYBRID BLAK.

RELEASE DATE: February 21st, 2020

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