Biomechanimal - 'Biomechanimal'

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The debut album of London harsh electro monsters Biomechanimal, taking the listener on a journey through the development of the band. Genre hopping, tight production, harsh vocals, soaring leads, filthy bass; this album is the apex of three years of work.

After sharing the stage with the likes of Covenant, Hanzel und Gretyl, Ayria, and Funker Vogt, Biomechanimal are ready to bring their own brand of dark electronic music to your ears. Focusing on a sound heavily inspired by their live music formula, this album will bring you raw vocals and a huge sound, taking you to the centre stage of their live shows.

The album jumps from the harsh power of tracks like Elder Gods and Desekreator, to the bounce of modern EDM in Abyssal Zone and Monster. Huge clean vocals cut through in Wasteland and Catching Sparks, while an exclusive remix of Broken Wings takes you back to Biomechanimal's first EP, Renegade 2.0. There are no boundaries for us. There is only the music.

RELEASE DATE: May 15th, 2015
Self-released, not via HYBRID BLAK

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